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Do Orthotics Work and Are They the Cure to Back Pain?

Believe it or not, a pain in the rear is often caused by problems with the feet!  The average person walks approximately 2000 miles per year.  That’s a lot of foot-mileage!  Your feet support the weight of your entire body and the way the contact the ground directly affects how your back absorbs compression of...
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To operate or not to operate…that is the question, literally.  While not quite a line out of Shakespeare it’s certainly a line out of the life of a true ACL injury sufferer. ACL knee injuries are serious and usually accompanied by considerable pain.  ACL injuries can happen during sports, motor vehicle accidents, at even home...
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Plantar Fasciitis Surgery May Be Avoided Through The Use of Custom Foot Orthotics

Did you know that millions of North Americans suffer from a painful foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis? This pain-found on the bottom of the heel - is a figurative pain in the neck, and people of all ages can develop it. Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis can include physical therapy, injections, splinting, shock wave therapy, surgery, and...
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