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What is Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Symptoms and Non-Surgical Alternatives

As an insidious condition that does a great job of sneaking up on people over the course of time, osteoarthritis is a common ailment suffered by thousands of people across Canada. The knee seems particularly prone to developing it.  Known as osteoarthritis of the knee, it’s the most common type of osteoarthritis.  Although it is...
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Need to Treat Your Running Injury? A Running Injury Clinic Can Offer Relief and Treatment With Specialized Care!

Running is a favourite activity for many who enjoy the clarity of mind, freedom and health benefits it offers. Whether you run daily to keep fit, wear off calories from delicious food you just can’t give up, or are a dedicated life-long marathon runner, you know that staying in shape is important if you want...
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Basketball is a celebrated sport that people from all ages and walks of life enjoy.  The roots of basketball hail from Canada and the small Ontario town of Almonte.  Here, in 1891, the game was invented by Dr. James Naismith.  Mere hours from Almonte, Toronto is filled with basketball lovers who are both die-hard Toronto...
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